History Committee

Willem Koops, Chair 2014-2017 w.koops@uu.nl
Paul Harris 2014-2017 paul_harris@gse.harvard.edu
Frank Kessel 2014-2017 frankskessel@gmail.com
Stephen Lassonde 2014-2017 stephenlassonde@fas.harvard.edu
Steve Mintz 2014-2017 steven.mintz@outlook.com
Peter Stearns 2014-2017 pstearns@gmu.edu
Maria Vicedo Castello 2014-2017 marga.vicedo@utoronto.ca
Seth Pollak, Governing Council Representative 2015-2017 spollak@wisc.edu
Larissa Gaias, SECC Representative 2015-2017 larissamichelle19@gmail.com
Stephanie Custer, Staff Liaison 2014- scuster@srcd.org

Mission Statement

The Committee on the History of Child Development promotes the development of scholarship at the interface of history and child/human development.  To that end --

  • The Committee records the organization's history and executes the Oral History Project (OHP) to document the careers of distinguished members and honorees through their oral histories.
  • The Committee promotes reflective historical inquiry into the field's intellectual, scientific, and institutional development.
  • The Committee furthers research into the history of childhood by promoting interdisciplinary research on the history of childhood and its reciprocal linkages with research on child/human development.
  • The Committee helps SRCD to maintain an archive accessible to researchers and SRCD members; it also seeks to build collaborative relations with other (international) archives relevant for the historical study of child development and the field of developmental research.