Emotional Attachment & Emotional Availability Training

Wed, 03/27/2013

Emotional Availability Scales
Emotional Attachment & Emotional Availability (EA2) Screener
Introduction to the Interventions Training, with video examples and scorings

May 12, 13, and 14, 2013
Millenium Harvest House, Boulder, Colorado

Zeynep Biringen, Ph.D.
Licensed clinical psychologist, emotionalavailability.com
Professor & Director of Family & Developmental Studies, Colorado State University
The developer of the EA Scales and EA2 Screener

The EA system is an evidence-based, observational assessment (based on over 20 years of research  (and associated with attachment, parental depression, maltreatment, child behavior problems, etc.), and refers to 4 qualities on the adult side (sensitivity, structuring, non-intrusiveness, and non-hostility) and 2 on the child side (child responsiveness and child involvement), rated on continuous scales. In addition, the EA system includes the Emotional Attachment & Emotional Availability (EA2 Screener) that rates “risk” and “emotional attachment” on a 1-100 scale, based on a foundation of work on attachment and emotional availability. EA has enjoyed widespread use in both research and clinical settings in the US and over 25 countries (come visit our cross-cultural Roundtable at SRCD on April 18th). EA is methodologically rigorous, with focus on inter-rater reliability, as well as a clinically sensitive instrument that is useful in research as well as clinical practice settings. There are well over 100 peer-reviewed publications on EA, with evidence of reliability and validity for use with children and adults. Thus, it has been of value to the practitioner (clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, child care professional, custody evaluator, occupational therapist, etc.) as well as the basic researcher and the researcher-clinician (prevention/intervention work).

Certification: The 3-day training is intensive, followed by distance work to obtain reliability on our secure site.  $595 EA training tuition, $49.95/person to access secure site.

Selected Reference (see our website, www.emotionalavailability.com, click on ‘Research’ to see a list of publications, click on ‘EA Portal’ to see the online classroom where the distance/online training for the reliability is conducted.

Please email webmaster@eaparentchild.com to ask any questions or to obtain the full brochure, registration form, and hotel liaison for booking a room if you are traveling from out of town. 10 spaces remain at present and will be filled on first-come first-serve basis***