Mon, 12/11/2017

University of California, San Francisco is accepting applications for the Training Program for Scientists Conducting Research to Reduce HIV/STI Health Disparities (also known as the Visiting Professor Program)

The application is available online at

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, January 17, 2018. 

This program is designed to assist investigators interested in conducting HIV-related research with ethnic minority communities to strengthen the investigators’ programs of research and obtain NIH funding. Scientists in the program have access to the expertise of a team of mentors who are successful at conducting NIH-funded research in minority communities. Program participants will:

  • Spend 6 weeks in San Francisco for 3 consecutive summers.
  • Receive a monthly stipend for living expenses and round-trip airfare to San Francisco.
  • Receive $20,000 to conduct a pilot study that will serve as preliminary data for a larger NIH application.
  • Get mentoring from our experienced investigators.

Since 1997, the program has provided training, mentoring, and technical assistance to 68 Visiting Professors from universities in the continental US and Puerto Rico. To date, program participants have received over $144 million in grant funding, including 57 multi-year awards from NIH, 31 R01 awards, and 14 awards from CDC, HRSA, or SAMHSA. Program participants have also made a scientific impact, generating over 1,100 articles.

For more information about the program, please visit the website at Feel free to contact the Program Coordinator, Dale Danley, via email ( or telephone (415) 476-6256.