Thu, 02/21/2019

Incoming SECC Representatives to SRCD Committees (2019-2023)

Congratulations to the following incoming Student and Early Career Council (SECC) Representatives to SRCD Committees. The SECC Representatives will begin their terms immediately after the 2019 Biennial Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Equity & Justice Committee Fiorella L. Carlos Chavez University of Missouri-Columbia
Ethnic & Racial Issues Committee Lauren C. Mims University of Virginia
Interdisciplinary Committee Beatriz de Diego-Lázaro Arizona State University
International Affairs Committee Yang Hou National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research
Program Committee Michelle P. Desir University of Minnesota
Publications Committee Steven O. Roberts Stanford University
Science & Social Policy Committee Yesenia Mejia University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Teaching Committee Stacy L. Morris Arizona State University