Tue, 10/02/2018

Suniya S. Luthar, Arizona State University: “Many teens drink. Rich ones like Kavanaugh are more likely to abuse alcohol,” Washington Post, September 28, 2018

Early in our research on teens from diverse backgrounds, we found that in an affluent, suburban high school, boys who reported frequent drug and alcohol use were rated by their peers as among the most well-liked; this was not true among their less-affluent urban counterparts. Suburban girls reporting frequent use also earned many “liked most” nominations but at the same time were named by many as “liked least,” reflecting ambivalence in their classmates’ attitudes. The double standards are well documented: Boys who report high substance use and many sexual conquests are held in high regard and admiration by their schoolmates; their female counterparts may be socially sought after but at the same time are viewed with some disdain and scorn. Read the full article on the Washington Post website.

Suniya S. Luthar is a professor of psychology at Arizona State University, professor emerita at Columbia University’s Teachers College, and member of the Society for Research in Child Development.