Wed, 12/20/2017

What is the Golden Goose Award? The Golden Goose Award honors federally funded research that may be odd, obscure or serendipitous but ends up having a major impact on society.

How do I nominate? Follow this link, or visit the website and click on “nominate” in the top right corner.
What do I need to know to nominate? The form is easy! Tell us who you are nominating, what unexpected impact the research has had, and which U.S. federal agency funded the work.

Is there a deadline? We accept nominations on a rolling basis throughout the year, but for the best chance to be considered for the 2018 award, submit by January 31, 2018.
How can I spread the word? Glad you asked. Please forward this email far and wide. And if we can help – for example, with a blurb that would work for your institution or society newsletter – contact us.

We’re looking for good stories. Tell yours. Be a part of the Golden Goose Award.