(Conferences to be held in 2010)

Mexican American Children and Families: A Normative and Multidisciplinary Perspective

This small conference was coordinated by Drs. Yvonne M. Caldera and Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The purpose of the conference was to convene an interdisciplinary team of scholars who study Latinos of Mexican origin in order to compile a volume that would provide a holistic and normative perspective of Mexican American children and families. At the conference, scholars from Developmental and Counseling Psychology, Education, Public Health and Social Policy met in April of 2010 in Lubbock, Texas for a two-day plenary conference. Participants each prepared and presented a strength-based literature review of the research on Mexican American children and families from their respective fields. Portions of the proceedings from the conference were presented at the Biennial meeting of SRCD in Montreal in April of 2011.  Currently Dr. Caldera and Dr. Eric Lindsey are editing a volume from the papers presented at the small conference.

Social and Biological Determinants of Parenting: An Interdisciplinary Synthesis

This workshop is organized by Drs. David Haley, Joan Grusec, and Alison Fleming of the University of Toronto, Canada. Interest in the effects of parenting on children’s development has a long history in psychology and related disciplines. By contrast, there has been much less interest in the factors that influence the behavior of parents as they interact with their children. This workshop will focus on parenting, specifically, on sociocultural and biological influences on the parenting process as well as the interaction of these influences. The workshop brings together researchers who work both with humans and animals in order to identify areas of commonality and to foster future collaborations. Fifteen multidisciplinary and international researchers will address evolutionary, genetic, biological, social, cognitive, and cultural perspectives in a two-day conference in October of 2010. In addition to an edited book an interactive web site will be established to enhance interactions among participants; this web site will also be made available to the larger scientific community.