At its 2013 Biennial Meeting, SRCD recorded four select invited sessions:

Global Perspective on Resilience in Children and Youth

Starting Points and Change in Spatial Development: Contrasting Perspectives

Early Environmental Regulations of Gene Expression and Brain Development: How Early Experience Exerts a Sustained Influence on Neuronal Function?

Starting Points and Interventions for Children and Youths in Low- and Middle- Income Countries: Toward a Global Developmental Science

This represents SRCD's first venture into the new media world.  We hope that those of you unable to attend the meeting can benefit from viewing these sessions.  We also hope that others may find the videos useful in teaching and other professional endeavors.

Governing Council has formed a task force to ask what we should be doing in media.  Please offer your feedback to on the usefulness of these videos, on what we could have done differently and what more we should be doing.