SRCD needs your help - be active by voicing your views.  Although this portal is open to anyone who visits SRCD's website, it is designed to allow members to take a more active role in the Society. 

SRCD wants to hear your opinions on what we are doing well and where we might do better. This portal will give you an opportunity to express concerns, provide positive feedback, and make suggestions about how SRCD can do a better job. If you want to be identified (or are offering to become more engaged) we want your contact information; OR if you have a complaint or potentially sensitive concern, we welcome feedback that will be completely confidential and will be passed along as an anonymous comment.

For example, this is the place to suggest a new initiative; provide input for a task force or committee; give feedback on the submission process for one of our journals; suggest a way to partner with another society; let us know if a meeting was especially informative; or if you read about an SRCD publication in your local paper. Speak now - member engagement is necessary to the success of SRCD!

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