SRCD Federal Policy Fellowship Program

The deadline for the SRCD Federal Policy Fellowship program has passed (December 14, 2018).

There are currently two types of federal fellowships: SRCD Congressional Policy Fellowship and SRCD Executive Branch Policy FellowshipBoth fellowships provide opportunities for researchers to come to Washington, D.C. to learn about policy development, implementation and evaluation and to use developmental science outside of the academic setting to inform public policy. These fellowships are open to individuals with a doctorate from any discipline relevant to child development. We welcome applications from early, mid-career, and advanced professionals.  This fellowship will help developmental scientists at all career stages understand the linkages between research and policy, how to communicate more effectively with policymakers, and how to formulate more informed and useful questions for policy-related research.

Goals of the Federal Fellowship Program

  1. To contribute to the effective use of scientific knowledge about child development in the formation, implementation, and evaluation of public policy.
  2. To educate the scientific community about the development of public policy.
  3. To establish a more effective liaison between developmental scientists and the federal policy-making mechanisms.

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