SRCD State Policy Fellowship Program

The deadline for the SRCD State Policy Fellowships has passed (December 21, 2018).

There are two types of state fellowships: post-doctoral and pre-doctoral. SRCD will be offering four part-time pre-doctoral state fellowships and two full-time post-doctoral state fellowships for the 2019-2020 fellowship year.

Both fellowships place fellows in state executive branch agency offices focusing on early childhood programs and policies for immersion experiences in policy development, implementation, and evaluation. In addition to a placement supervisor within the state executive branch agency, fellows will receive support from an academic mentor. SRCD expects the state fellowships to provide fellows with opportunities to gain further understanding of state level early childhood policies and programs, to develop skills in mutual communication between researchers and policymakers, and to gain insight into how research can be used to inform policymaking and policy implementation at the state level.

Goals of the SRCD State Policy Fellowship Program

The goals of this program are to provide participants at different levels of study and career development with firsthand experience in state policymaking, program implementation, and evaluation, while also providing state executive branch agencies greater access to child development research expertise. Academic mentors for those participating in both the pre- and post-doctoral programs are expected to have backgrounds relevant to, and interest in extending, their research on state early childhood policies and programs.

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