The SRCD Executive Branch Policy Fellowship Program is designed to provide greater interaction between the developmental research community and Federal agencies. Following a two-week science policy orientation program at AAAS, Fellows work as resident scholars in a Federal agency.

Executive Branch Fellows are involved with bridging research and policy through a variety of responsibilities. Past Fellows have been provided with training opportunities to work programmatic and research funding; the Federal regulatory process; program evaluation for Federal programs; and other implementation aspects of Federal policymaking. For example, some Fellows' placements have provided them with opportunities to contribute to study design for Congressionally mandated and Federally-funded studies, to write RFA's and Program Announcements for Federal grant programs, and to contribute to grant review for extramural grant applications.
Please click here to a view description of recent Executive Branch Agency Placements.

Applications are reviewed by the Fellowship Selection Committee, which often includes members of the SRCD Committee for Policy and Communications. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their research accomplishments, references, and written statement of interest. Candidates who will be interviewed are then selected. Notification regarding interviews typically occurs by February and interviews are held in the spring. Concurrent with interviews, applicants to the Executive Branch Fellowships also attend a Federal Agency Fair with representatives of placement agencies. When candidates are notified that they have been selected for a Fellowship, they will have up to one week to accept the offer. Finally, the agencies interview the candidates and make the matches for placements. Executive Branch Fellowships are not final until placement is confirmed, which can be up to two months following notification of selection. While Fellows are typically selected for a placement that meets their professional development goals, placement is not guaranteed by the selection process alone. Executive Branch Fellowship awards are contingent on the availability of Federal funds, and may be extended an additional year (for a total of up to two years).

Fellowship stipends use the government pay scale, taking into consideration previous experience and salary. For information about Fellows stipends, please visit the Federal Fellowship FAQ’s.