The SRCD Scholar-in-Residence program allows SRCD Members who anticipate a leave or sabbatical during the academic year to join SRCD staff in their Washington D.C. headquarters, providing them with the time and space to complete a project while exploring the Society and local scholarly, policy, or government connections.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for productivity while creating a platform for meaningful interaction with SRCD staff, governance, and initiatives. Funds will be provided to supplement existing sabbatical support, supporting a Scholar’s ability to reside in the Washington D.C. metro area during the period of residence. 

SRCD is interested in supporting a Scholar-in-Residence who would be able to make a substantive contribution while in residence through activities that advance the Strategic Goals of the Society, or in partnerships with the Science, Policy, or Communications staff of SRCD.

2019 Call for Applications


The duration of the residence is a minimum of two months up to a maximum of four months for a single Scholar. Alternatively, a pair or team of three collaborators may apply for a joint residency for a maximum of two months. Residence in D.C. and daily work hours in the Headquarters are expected for the entirety of the residency.


A stipend of $6,000 per month will be provided to each Scholar to cover travel costs and living expenses during the residency. Office space at SRCD Headquarters will also be provided. Applicants living within 50 miles of SRCD Headquarters will be eligible for a reduced stipend to support daily transportation costs but not lodging.

Due Date:

We are no longer accepting proposals for the 2019-2020 Scholar-in-Residence program.

Start Date:

Scholars may initiate residency any time after May 1, 2019 and should complete their residency by May 1, 2020.


Current active SRCD members who are full-time faculty members (or equivalent) at a U.S. or international university or research institution are eligible to apply.

Application materials

  1. Description (max. 500 words) of applicant’s research area, planned project for the residency, and specific proposed activities that would impact or further the Strategic Goals of the SRCD and/or benefit specifically from being at SRCD and in the Washington D.C. area.
  2. CV(s) of Scholar-in-Residence applicant(s)

For any inquiries, please contact

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