Press Releases

SRCD regularly issues press releases on new research findings published in Child Development. It also issues media advisories on new research presented at SRCD’s Biennial Meetings. SRCD's press department can be reached at

For Journalists

Journalists are encouraged to call or email the SRCD press officer if they would like additional information for a story, including copies of full papers or contact with authors, or would like to receive SRCD press releases by email.

For Child Development Authors

All manuscripts accepted for publication in Child Development are subject to a media embargo date. The media embargo ensures that a journal article is available to the public as soon as journalists report on it, and that all journalists have fair access to research, including the opportunity to review it in advance of publication. For more information, please read SRCD’s policy on media embargo dates or contact SRCD’s press officer.

All manuscripts accepted for publication in Child Development require a 300-500 page public summary, or lay summary. Please read SRCD’s guidelines for writing a public summary for more information.

Examples of SRCD members and SRCD-published research that have been featured in the media can be found in SRCD’s quarterly newsletter Developments.

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