Social Policy Report

The Social Policy Report (SPR) is published three to four times per year. Its purpose is twofold: (1) To provide policymakers with comprehensive, non-partisan reviews of child development research findings to inform policy decision-making  (2) To inform the SRCD members about (a) policy issues related to child development and (b) child development research related to such issues.

The Social Policy Report provides a forum for scholarly reviews and discussions of policy considerations stemming from developmental research findings. Topics come from a variety of disciplines and cover a wide range of issues  such as health care, parenting, and education. SRCD recognizes that many policy issues are controversial and that authors may have a “point of view,” but the SPR is not intended to be a vehicle for authors to advocate particular policy positions. Presentations should be balanced, accurate, and inclusive. The publication will includes a disclaimer that the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of SRCD or the editors.

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Statement on Anti-racism, Equity, and Inclusion in SRCD Publications

As our highly regarded journals are perhaps the most public-facing element and explicitly gatekeeping mechanism of the SRCD enterprise, we must critically examine the extent to which our journals, Editors and Editorial Boards, reviewers and review standards, and Publications Committee activities implement practices and policies grounded in inclusive and anti-racist principles. Read the full statement.

Square image with the Social Policy Report cover, a white background with a blue bar on the right side of the cover. The SRCD Logo is artfully placed within the blue bar. Lead Editor of the Social Policy Report is Lisa Berlin, University of Maryland School of Social Work

Social Policy Report Editorial Board


Lead Editor, Lisa Berlin, and her Editorial Board are charged with inviting experts in certain fields as well as accepting topic ideas for future Social Policy Reports.

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Volume 31 (2018) - Volume 36 (2023)

The Social Policy Report Briefs can be found below their corresponding Reports, as well as on the Social Policy Report Brief pageSocial Policy Reports published before 2018 can be found in the Social Policy Report Archives. Several Reports are available in PDF format to view and download, while other listings are for reference only.


The Role of Policy in Shaping and Addressing the Consequences of Parental Incarceration for Child Development in the United States
Volume 35, Number 3

Brittany P. Mihalec-Adkins and Rebecca Shlafer

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“Wearing a Mask Won't Protect Us from Our History”: The Impact of COVID-19 on Black Children and Families
Volume 35, Number 2

Erin Bogan, Valerie N. Adams-Bass, Lori A. Francis, Noni K. Gaylord-Harden, Eleanor K. Seaton, Judith C. Scott, and Joanna L. Williams

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Transforming Policy Standards to Promote Equity and Developmental Success Among Latinx Children and Youth
Volume 35, Number 1
Lorena Aceves, Daniel Max Crowley, Brenda Rincon, and Diamond Y. Bravo

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Leveraging Research on Informal Learning to Inform Policy on Promoting Early STEM
Volume 32, Number 3
Michelle A. Hurst, Naomi Polinsky, Catherine A. Haden, Susan C. Levine, and David H. Uttal

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Strengthening Social Programs to Promote Economic Stability during Childhood
Volume 32, Number 2
Bradley Hardy, Heather D. Hill, and Jennie Romich

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Digital Games as a Context for Children's Cognitive Development: Research Recommendations and Policy Considerations
Volume 32, Number 1
Fran C. Blumberg, Kirby Deater‐Deckard, Sandra L. Calvert, Rachel M. Flynn, C. Shawn Green, David Arnold, and Patricia J. Brooks

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