The Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) publishes three journals, as well as the Social Policy Report. SRCD members receive full digital access to all three journals as a benefit of membership. If you are an SRCD member and would like to access the publications, please sign in via the membership portal and proceed to the our publisher's site using the links below.  Learn more about the benefits of SRCD membership.

Child Development (CD)

SRCD’s flagship journal, Child Development publishes peer-reviewed empirical and theoretical articles reporting research on child development, on a bimonthly basis.

Child Development Perspectives (CDP)

Established in 2006, CDP publishes brief articles on developmental science that are written in accessible language for a wide audience, on a quarterly basis. CDP does not publish articles reporting new empirical findings.


Monographs are extended works, focused on specialized topics, judged to make significant contributions to SRCD's mission—advancing developmental science and promoting its use to improve human lives.

Social Policy Report

SRCD brings the science of child development to public policy through the production of the Social Policy Report

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