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The Social Policy Report is available for reprinting with appropriate citation. Each SPR since 2006 has an accompanying brief which highlights key findings of the research. Reports from 1984 - 1993 are for reference only and are not linked to a PDF. To read Social Policy Reports published after 2017, visit the Social Policy Report page.


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Volume 1 (1984)- Volume 30 (2017). The below Reports are available in PDF format to view and download. 


Supporting Parents: How Six Decades of Parenting Research Can Inform Policy and Best Practice
Volume 30, Number 5
Douglas M. Teti, Pamela M. Cole, Natasha Cabrera, Sherryl H. Goodman, and Vonnie C. McLoyd

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Research-Practice Partnerships: Building Two-Way Streets of Engagement
Volume 30, Number 4
Vivian Tseng, John Q. Easton, and Lauren H. Supplee

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Children, Youth and Developmental Science in the 2015-2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals
Volume 30, Number 3
Abbie Raikes, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Pia Rebello Britto, and Iheoma Iruka

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PK-3: What Does It Mean For Instruction?
Volume 30, Number 2
Deborah Stipek, Doug Clements, Cynthia Coburn, Megan Franke and Dale Farran

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Children and Terrorism
Volume 29, Issue 2
James Garbarino, Amy Governale, Patrick Henry, and Danielle Nesi

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Federal Expenditures on Children: What Budget Policy Means for Children's Policy
Volume 29, Issue 1
Heather Hahn

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Multilingual Children Beyond Myths* and Toward Best Practices
Volume 27, Issue 4
Allyssa McCabe, Catherine S. Tamis-Lemonda, Marc H. Bornstein, Carolyn Brockmeyer Cates, Roberta Golinkoff, Alison Wishard Guerra, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Erika Hoff, Yana Kuchirko, Gigliana Melzi, Alan Mendelsohn, Mariela Paez, & Lulu Song

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The Role of Public Policies and Community-Based Organizations in the Developmental Consequences of Parent Undocumented Status
Volume 27, Issue 3
Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Jenya Kholoptseva, & Carola Suárez-Orozco

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Positive Development of Minority Children
Volume 27, Issue 2
Natasha J. Cabrera

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Preserving and Enhancing the Responsible Conduct of Research Involving Children and Youth: A Response to Proposed Changes in Federal Regulations
Volume 27, Issue 1
Celia B. Fisher, Donald J. Brunnquell, Diane L. Hughes, Lynn S. Liben, Valerie Maholmes, Stuart Plattner, Stephen T. Russell, & Elizabeth J. Susman

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Promoting Equity, Tolerance, and Justice in Childhood
Volume 25, Issue 4
Melanie Killen, Adam Rutland, & Martin D. Ruok

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Household Food Insecurity: Serious Concerns for Child Development
Volume 25, Issue 3
Barbara H. Fiese, Craig Gundersen, Brenda Koester, & LaTesha Washington

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Quality of Early Childhood Development Programs in Global Contexts
Volume 25, Issue 2
Pia Rebello Britto, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, & Kimberly Boller

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Evidence-Based Interventions for Juvenile Offenders and Juvenile Justice Policies that Support Them
Volume 25, Issue 1
Scott W. Henggeler & Sonja K. Schoenwald

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Organized Activity Participation, Positive Youth Development, and the Over-Scheduling Hypothesis
Volume 20, Issue 4
Joseph L. Mahoney, Angel L. Harris, & Jacquelynne S. Eccles

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Understanding and Facilitating the Youth Mentoring Movement
Volume 20, Issue 3
Jean E. Rhodes & David L. DuBois

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The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity: Review of Research and Implications for Public Policy
Volume 20, Issue 2
Jenelle S. Krishnamoorthy, Chantelle Hart, & Elissa Jelalian

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Deviant Peer Influences in Intervention and Public Policy for Youth
Volume 20, Issue 1
Kenneth A. Dodge, Thomas J. Dishion, & Jennifer E. Lansford

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Juveniles’ Competence to Stand Trial as Adults
Volume 17, Issue 4
Laurence Steinberg, Thomas Grisso, Jennifer Woolard, Elizabeth Cauffman, Elizabeth Scott, Sandra Graham, Fran Lexcen, N. Dickon Reppucci, & Robert Schwartz

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Toward an Understanding of Youth in Community Governance: Policy Priorities and Research Directions
Volume 17, Issue 3
Shepherd Zeldin, Linda Camino, & Matthew Calvert

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Kindergarten: An Overlooked Educational Policy Priority
Volume 17, Issue 2
Sara Vecchiotti

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Do You Believe In Magic?: What We Can Expect From Early Childhood Intervention Programs
Volume 17, Issue 1
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

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Service Learning: Who Benefits and Why
Volume 13, Issue 4
Arthur A. Stukas, Jr., E. Gil Clary, & Mark Snyder

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of School-Based Violence Prevention: Developmental Approaches
Volume 13, Issue 3
Christopher C. Henrich, Joshua L. Brown, & J. Lawrence Aber

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Perspectives on Father Involvement: Research and Policy
Volume 13, Issue 2
Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda & Natasha Cabrera

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Beyond "Giving Science Away": How University-Community Partnerships Inform Youth Programs, Research, and Policy
Volume 13, Issue 1
Jill Denner, Catherine R.Cooper, Edward M. Lopez, & Nora Dunbar

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A Reconceptualization of the Effects of Undernutrition on Children's Biological, Psychosocial, and Behavioral Development
Volume 10, Issue 5
Ernesto Pollitt, chair; Mari Golub, Kathleen Gorman, Sally Grantham- McGregor, David Levitsky, Beat Schürch, Barbara Strupp, & Theodore Wachs

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Building Research and Policy Connections: Training and Career Options for Developmental Scientists
Volume 10, Issue 4
Amy Susman-Stillman, Joshua L. Brown, Emma K. Adam, Clancy Blair, Robin Gaines, Rachel A. Gordon, Ann Marie White, & Sheri R. Wynn

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Is the Emperor Wearing Clothes? Social Policy and the Empirical Support forFull Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in the Preschool and Early Elementary Grades
Volume 10, Issue 3
Bryna Siegel

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Inclusion at the Preschool Level: An Ecological Systems Analysis
Volume 10, Issue 2
Samuel L. Odom et al.

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Latin American Immigration and U.S. Schools
Volume 10, Issue 1
Claude Goldenberg

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1984 - 1993 (For reference only)


Integrating Science and Ethics in Research with High-Risk Children and Youth
Volume 7, Issue 4

Celia B. Fisher

Child Witnesses: Translating Research into Policy
Volume 7, Issue 3

Stephen J. Ceci & Maggie Bruck

Using Research and Theory to Justify and Inform Head Start Expansion
Volume 7, Issue 2

Edward Zigler & Sally J. Styfco

Canadian Special Education Policies: Children with Learning Disabilities in a Bilingual and Multicultural Society
Volume 7, Issue 1

Linda S. Siegel & Judith Wiener


Crack's Children: The Consequences of Maternal Cocaine Abuse
Volume 6, Issue 4

Theresa Lawton Hawley & Elizabeth R. Disney

The States and the Poor: Child Poverty Rises as the Safety Net Shrinks
Volume 6, Issue 3

Julie Strawn

Testing in American Schools: Issues for Research and Policy
Volume 6, Issue 2

Patricia Morrison

Mother-Headed Families: An International Perspective and the Case of Australia
Volume 6, Issue 1

Alisa Burns


Rhetoric or Reality? Child and Family Policy in the United States
Volume 5, Issue 4
Francine H. Jacobs & Margery W. Davies

The Migrant Head Start Program
Volume 5, Issue 3
Mary Lou de Leon Siantz

Infant Mortality and Public Policy
Volume 5, Issue 2
Ann L. Wilson & Gary Neidich

Two-Generation Program Models: A New Intervention Strategy
Volume 5, Issue 1
Sheila Smith


Antecedents of Illiteracy
Volume 4, Issue 4
Barbara J. Fox

Pediatric AIDS and HIV Infection in the United States: Recommendations for Research, Policy, and Programs
Volume 4, Issue 3
Linda A. Valleroy

Child Mental Health: Service System and Policy Issues
Volume 4, Issue 2
Judith H. Jacobs

Social Science and the Prevention of Children's Injuries
Volume 4, Issue 1
Penelope H. Brooks & Michael C. Roberts


Homelessness: Implications for Children and Youth
Volume 3, Issue 4
Andrea L. Solarz

Implications of Public Law 99-457 for Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities
Volume 3, Issue 3
Penny Hauser-Cram, Carole C. Upshur, Marty Wyngaarden Krauss, & Jack P. Shonkoff

Head Start: A Backward and Forward Look
Volume 3, Issue 2
Diana T. Slaughter , Valora Washington , Ura Jean Oyemade, & Rachel Washington Lindsey

Children and the Uninsured
Volume 3, Issue 1
Charles N. Oberg


Child Care: Quality, Regulation, and Research
Volume 2, Issue 4
Karen S. Weintraub & Laurie N. Furman

School Dropout: A Federal Perspective
Volume 2, Issue 3
Brian L. Wilcox & Trudy Vincent

The National Center for Nursing Research, National Institutes of Health
Volume 2, Issue 2
Angela Barron McBride

The Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention Act
Volume 2, Issue 1
Ellen Greenberg Garrison


Bilingual Education Act, Title II of the Education Amendments of 1984
Volume 1, Issue 5
Diane L. August

Children and Television
Volume 1, Issue 4
Dale L. Kunkel & Bruce A. Watkins

The Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
Volume 1, Issue 3
Lindsay Chase-Landsdale, Patrick Casey, Kathleen, McCluskey, Ernesto Pollitt, Jill Reich, Henry Ricciuti, Maris Vinovskis, Valora Washington, & Ann Wilson

Adolescent Pregnancy
Volume 1, Issue 2
Barbara Everett, Wendy Baldwin, Urie Bronfenbrenner, Patrick Casey, Susan Crockenberg, Frank Furstenberg, Jr., Hariette McAdoo, Craig Perry, Maris Vinovskis, & Valora Washington

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1983
Volume 1, Issue 1
Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Patrick Casey, Byron Egeland, Eli Newberger, Diana T. Slaughter, Maris Vinovskis, & Valora Washington