Frequently Asked Questions by Presenters:

1)  What presentation A/V equipment is provided by SRCD in each room? Laptops are not provided; you must bring your own. It is becoming increasingly difficult for SRCD to provide the correct adaptor to connect to the projector. Please read this important information if you have a relatively new laptopAdaptors for Laptops. Please bring your own adaptor if you have a newer laptop.

Poster Sessions in Austin Convention Center Exhibit Hall 4: no A/V is provided or needed. Please see questions #4, 5 and 6 below. All individual posters displayed in these sessions will be presented on standard 8' wide x 4' tall poster boards.

Paper Symposia and Paper Sessions: One LCD projector (PC compatible (older models); bring adapter for connector cord if using a Mac laptop or have a relatively new PC), a screen, sound and a microphone (if needed) will be available in your presentation room. SRCD does not provide laptops. Any additional A/V equipment needed for your presentation must be reserved and paid for by you. Please read this important information if you have a relatively new laptop: Adaptors for Laptops

Conversation Roundtables: A head table/microphone and audience seating. A Conversation Roundtable does not include PowerPoint slides.

Poster Symposia: Poster boards will placed along the walls in the room and the remainder of the room will be set with a head table, microphones and audience seating. Your poster will be displayed on a poster board during your presentation.

2)  Will there be a place to practice my presentation?

Speaker-Ready Rooms are located on Level 3 of the Austin Convention Center in Show Office 14 as well as on Level 4 of the Hilton Austin in Meeting Room 417B.

3) How long should my presentation be?

Poster Presentation: displayed in 75-minute sessions.
Paper Symposium and Paper Session: 90 minutes; at least 15 minutes must be set aside for discussion with the audience as part of the symposium.
Poster Symposium: 90 minutes; the first 20 minutes of the session is devoted to poster viewing and discussion with individual authors, followed by 40 minutes of brief integrative presentations by the chair/discussant and first authors of each poster; a 30-minute audience discussion wraps up the session.
Conversation Roundtable: 90 minutes; the audience must be given 30 minutes to respond to the questions/issues raised and to introduce additional questions and comments to the panel.

4) What size are the poster boards?

SRCD provides a poster board that is 8 ft. (2.4 meters) wide and 4 ft. (1.2 meters) high, with a 2-inch (2.4 centimeters) frame all around, and mounted on a 4 ft. (1.2 meters) stand. This poster board space is devoted to one poster.

5) How do I hang my poster? 

SRCD provides push pins on site with which to hang your poster on the poster board.

6) When should I put my poster up and take it down?

Mount your poster on the designated board during the 15 minutes immediately preceding the start of the scheduled poster session. Your poster must be removed promptly at the end of the session, so that the poster for the next session can be hung on the poster board. Please take your poster and any additional items with you when you leave the poster area.

Questions? Contact Anne Perdue at (734) 926-0610 or Hailey Buck at (734) 926-0613 or