Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for the Society's biennial meetings, held in the spring of odd-numbered years.

Mission Statement

The Program Committee chooses presenters for the invited portion of the meeting and guides the submission process, from issuing the call to reviewing and selecting the accepted symposia, posters, and discussion sessions.

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Committee Roster

Gigi Luk, Co-Chair 2019-2025 McGill University
Rashmita Mistry, Co-Chair and Governing Council Representative 2019-2025 University of California, Los Angeles
Ellen E. Pinderhughes 2017-2023 Tufts University
Nim Tottenham 2017-2023 Columbia University
Nancy E. Hill, Governing Council Representative 2021-2023 Harvard University
Amber Sansbury, SECC Representative 2021-2023 George Mason University
Anne Perdue, Staff Liaison 2012- Society for Research in Child Development