About SRCD: Spotlight on the 2019 Biennial Meeting Program Committee

This article continues a series highlighting the initiatives of SRCD’s 14 active standing and operational committees, their dedicated members, and how each contributes to a more vibrant Society and to advancing child development research. Each committee has its own charge from SRCD’s Governing Council and generates its own activities. Spotlights on the Student and Early Career Council (SECC), the Equity and Justice Committee, and the International Affairs Committee have been published.
Marc H. Bornstein, President and Laura L. Namy, Executive Director

Did you know…a little known but hard-working SRCD committee with an unassuming designation – the “Program Committee” – is largely responsible for the invited program of the Biennial Meeting? The committee undertakes an intensive two-year planning process to bring each meeting’s unique theme from vision to dais.

SRCD Biennial Meetings gather child development scholars across disciplines, geographic borders, and career levels under one roof.  From symposia to posters and a host of other events, the Biennial Meeting allows participants to share their work, exchange ideas, network, expand their professional and academic toolkits, and learn about others’ research and experience.

And we have SRCD’s Program Committee to thank for all of that.

The Structure

The Program Committee co-chairs are invited by the President-Elect (who later serves as the Program Committee’s Governing Council representative when President) and approved by the Governing Council. The remainder of the committee is composed of the previous program co-chairs, the upcoming program co-chairs, and a Student and Early Career Council (SECC) representative. This structure ensures continuity in the Biennial Meeting programs across several years and allows for the Program Committee at large to make recommendations to the program co-chairs based on past-experience and attendees’ feedback. This collaborative and iterative process results in the development of a diverse and comprehensive Biennial Meeting program.

For the 2019 Biennial Meeting, the Program Committee is chaired by Silvia H. Koller (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) and Jennifer E. Lansford (Duke University). The full Program Committee roster is below:

Silvia H. Koller, Co-Chair 2015-2021
Jennifer E. Lansford, Co-Chair 2015-2021
Nicholas Allen 2013-2019
Ariel Kalil 2013-2019
Ellen E. Pinderhughes 2017-2023
Nim Tottenham 2017-2023
Marc H. Bornstein, Governing Council Representative 2017-2019
Katherine Paschall, SECC Representative 2017-2019

The Process

After one SRCD Biennial Meeting ends, the program co-chairs begin to invite speakers for the invited program portion of the next Biennial Meeting; issue the call for submissions; recruit review panel chairs; and oversee the submission and review process.

“We are delighted by the diversity and strength of the invited program as well as the submissions for posters, symposia, conversation roundtables, and professional development workshops,” said Jennifer Lansford, Ph.D., co-chair of the program committee and Research Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University.

Once the call for submissions for the Biennial Meeting is closed, panel co-chairs oversee the review process. They ensure that each submission is assigned to two volunteer reviewers with expertise in the research topic of the submission. These reviewers are recruited and invited by the panel co-chairs to serve on their respective panel. Once reviews have been completed, the program co-chairs begin the selection process for submitted proposals based on the blinded peer reviews.

For the 2019 Biennial Meeting, the Program Committee has focused on highlighting research and activities that emphasize SRCD’s commitment to internationalism, interdisciplinarity, and relevance of developmental research. (Submitters will be notified in November.)

Ways to get involved with the Program Committee and the Biennial

  • Attend the Biennial Meeting!
    Watch your inbox for an announcement about registration opening. The success of the meeting depends on the community’s participation in the overall program. And while you are there, make sure to join the conversation on social media using #SRCD19 and tweeting @SRCDtweets.  
  • Submit your feedback after every Biennial Meeting.
    A post-meeting survey is sent out to all Biennial Meeting attendees. The Program Committee takes suggestions and comments into consideration for the following Program Committee’s planning process. Several new types of events that are being introduced at the 2019 Biennial Meeting, such as the Professional Development track and Exchange Symposia, so getting attendees’ feedback on these new events (and in general) is invaluable.
  • Plan to volunteer to review for the next Biennial Meeting being held April 8 – 10, 2021 in Minneapolis, MN.
    The 2019 Biennial Meeting review process is currently underway, and the next call for reviewers will be announced in the spring of 2020. With over 800 reviewers needed for each Biennial Meeting, we welcome your involvement in this critical stage of the meeting-planning process to ensure a great program. Thanks to the many reviewers who have volunteered their time to serve as panel chairs and reviewers for the 2019 submissions.