Oral History Project

Launched 25 years ago, the Oral History Project of SRCD is now available on this website to members of the Society as well as other interested scholars.  Interviews of major figures in the fields of child development and child psychology, as well as other related fields, are included in the collection. Each person was interviewed by someone whom he/she selected, and the recordings were then transcribed, edited for accuracy, and approved before inclusion in the collection.  Some scholars in this project are now deceased, while others are alive and well; many played key roles in the governance or service of SRCD.  There are many interviews that are in different stages of the Oral History Project. Should you have any quesitons please contact Stephanie Custer (scuster@srcd.org). 

Oral History Project Poster

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The transcripts in this project should be of interest for a variety of reasons, including instruction both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Scholars interested in historical roots and trends in the field and those concerned about the emergence of research, policy, and practice concerning children and families will find a wealth of informative history in these interview transcripts.  

Be sure to visit APS's Inside the Psychologist's Studio, which offers video interviews with legends in the field of psychological science, including a recent interview with developmental psychologist Annette Karmiloff-Smith

** Most recent additions

Mary Ainsworth: interview / CV Robert Levine: Interview / CV
Janet Wilde Astington: Interview / CV Lewis P. Lipsitt: Interview / CV
Kathryn E. Barnard: Interview / CV Ingvar Lundberg: Interview / CV
Joanna Blake: Interview / CV Eleanor Maccoby: Interview / CV
Jack Block: Interview / CV **Klaus Minde: Interview / CV
Charles Brainerd: Interview / CV **Edith Neimark: Interview / CV
**T. Berry Brazelton: Interview / CV David Olson: Interview / CV
Orville “Bert” Gilbert Brim Jr.: Interview / CV **Joy Osofsky: Interview / CV
Urie Bronfenbrenner: Interview / CV **Arthur Hawley Parmelee: Interview / CV
Catherine Ann Cameron: Interview / CV Gerald Patterson: Interview / CV
Courtney Cazden: Interview / CV Josef Perner: Interview / CV
Joseph Church: Interview / CV Michael L. Posner: Interview / CV
**John Conger: Interview / CV **Harriet Rheingold: Interview / CV
**Therese Gouin Decarie: Interview / CV Julius Richmond: Interview / CV
Leon Eisenberg: Interview / CV **Judy F. Rosenblith: Interview / CV
David Elkind: Interview / CV Doreen Rosenthal: Interview / CV
Bob Emde: Interview / CV Miriam K. Rosenthal: Interview / CV
**Leonard Eron: Interview / CV Mary Rothbart: Interview / CV
**John Flavell: Interview / CV Carolyn Rovee-Collier: Interview / CV
Norman Garmezy: Interview Sir Michael Rutter: Interview / CV
Eleanor Gibson: Interview / CV Sandra Scarr: Interview / CV
**Jean Berko Gleason: Interview / CV **Heinz Rudolph Schaffer: Interview / CV
Jacqueline Goodnow: Interview / CV Phil Schoggen: Interview / CV
Robert Haggerty: Interview **Carolyn Shantz: Interview / CV
William Sterling Hall: Interview / CV Linda Siegel: Interview / CV
Dale Harris: Interview / CV **Marilyn Smith: Interview / CV
Willard Hartup: Interview / CV Keith Stanovich: Interview / CV
E. Mavis Hetherington: Interview / CV Harold H. Stevenson: Interview
Brian Hopkins: Interview / CV Ann Streissguth: Interview / CV
Aletha C. Huston: Interview / CV **Mildred Templin: Interview / CV
Wendell Jeffrey: Interview / CV Elliot Turiel: Interview / CV
Qicheng Jing: Interview / CV Peter Vietze: Interview / CV
Dale Johnson: Interview / CV Emmy Werner: Interview / CV
Jerome Kagan: Interview / CV **Philip Roman Zelazo: Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 / CV
Tracy Kendler: Interview / CV Edward Zigler: Interview / CV
Akira Kobasigawa: Interview / CV