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Mission Statement

The Equity and Justice Committee is responsible for addressing issues of equity and justice in child development, particularly in an increasingly heterogenous global community. The Committee has a mission to:

  1. Promote the importance and legitimacy of national, international, and interdisciplinary scientific scholarship on topics related to equity and justice in childhood and adolescence.
  2. Enhance efforts to build coherence and to foster conceptual advances within and across the varied approaches to research on equity and justice.
  3. Foster the dissemination and implementation of findings that bear on programs and policies related to equity and justice at both national and international levels.

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Christia Spears Brown, Chair 2015-2019
Aerika Brittian 2017-2021
Shauna M. Cooper 2017-2021
Noelle Hurd 2015-2019
Lisa Kiang 2017-2021
Jennifer A. Kotler Clark 2017-2021
Russell B. Toomey 2015-2019
Tiffany Yip 2013-2019
Natasha Cabrera, Governing Council Representative 2017-2019
Rashmita S. Mistry, Governing Council Representative 2017-2019
Daisy E. Camacho-Thompson, SECC Representative 2017-2019
Laura Namy, Ex Officio 2017-

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