Mission Statement

The Ethnic and Racial Issues Committee (ERI) is responsible for the development and oversight of activities pertaining to the participation of minority scholars in the Society for Research in Child Development and for promoting developmental research on ethnic minority children and adolescents. In order to carry out this responsibility the committee's activities are focused on the following three areas.

  1. The development of an academic pipeline with the purpose of increasing the number of ethnic minority scholars conducting research in the field of child development (broadly defined). As part of this charge, the committee oversees the Frances Degen Horowitz Millennium Scholars Program (FDHMSP), assists with reviewing FDHMSP applications, and encourages ERI members to participate in FDHMSP activities.
  2. To examine the current state of research in the field and to promote opportunities that result in increased levels of research focused on the development of ethnic minority children and adolescents. To provide guidance and recommendations to the Society concerning the inclusion of such research through the Society's publications, biennial meetings, and other external outlets.
  3. To serve as a liaison to other groups and organizations concerned with research on ethnic minority children and adolescents i.e., the Asian Caucus, the Black Caucus, the Latino Caucus and the International Committee).
Dawn P. Witherspoon, Chair 2011-2019 dpw14@psu.edu
Margaret Caughy 2017-2021 margaret.caughy@uga.edu
Gabriela Livas Stein 2017-2021 glstein@uncg.edu
Enrique W. Neblett Jr. 2015-2019 eneblett@unc.edu
Vaishali Raval 2015-2019 ravalvv@miamioh.edu
Barbara Rogoff 2017-2021 brogoff@ucsc.edu
Eleanor Seaton 2013-2019 Eleanor.Seaton@asu.edu
Brendesha Tynes 2015-2019 btynes@usc.edu
Rebecca M. White 2017-2021 rebecca.white@asu.edu
Natasha Cabrera, Governing Council Representative 2017-2019 ncabrera@umd.edu
Michael Cunningham, Governing Council Representative 2017-2019 mcunnin1@tulane.edu
Deyaun Villarreal, SECC Representative 2017-2019 deyaun.villarreal@utdallas.edu
Matt Ferrett, Staff Liaison 2016- mferrett@srcd.org