Rachel C. Cohen, Co-Chair 2013-2019 rachelcc@gmail.com
Rebekah Levine Coley, Co-Chair 2013-2019 coleyre@bc.edu
Sandra Barrueco 2013-2019 barrueco@cua.edu
Kimberly Boller 2015-2019 kboller@mathematica-MPR.com
Sheretta Butler-Barnes 2017-2021 sbarnes@brownschool.wustl.edu
Kelly Fisher 2015-2019 kel.fisher@gmail.com
Rachel A. Gordon 2015-2019 ragordon@uic.edu
Sacha Klein 2017-2021 kleinsa@msu.edu
Ann Rivera 2015-2019 anncrivera@gmail.com
Taniesha A. Woods 2013-2019 taniesha.woods@acs.nyc.gov
Seth Pollak, Governing Council Representative 2013-2019 spollak@wisc.edu
Carol Worthman, Governing Council Representative 2017-2019 worthman@emory.edu
Rachel C. Katz, SECC Representative 2017-2019 rachel.katz@tufts.edu
Ellen Wartella, Ex Officio 2015-2021 ellen-wartella@northwestern.edu
Laura Namy, Ex Officio 2017-  lnamy@srcd.org
Martha Zaslow, Ex Officio 2009-  mzaslow@srcd.org

Committee Charge

The Science and Social Policy Committee, originally established in 1977 and renamed in 2018, is responsible for ongoing consultation to SRCD regarding its activities in the following areas:

  1. Supporting implementation of SRCD’s strategic plan,
  2. Linking research with global, national, and state/local policies that affect children and families,
  3. Keeping membership apprised on policy to inform science,
  4. Informing governmental decision-making regarding research on child development,
  5. Encouraging the development of leaders in the translation of research to policy and practice, and
  6. Enhancing the effective dissemination of developmental science.

The committee works through direct participation in activities and through close consultation with the SRCD Policy Director. In order to carry our this responsibility, the committee's activities focus on the following areas through distinct subcommittees:

  • Support for SRCD Strategic Plan: Helping to implement SRCD’s strategic plan in areas related to research-policy-practice connections and dissemination.
  • Social Policy: Enhancing the visibility and impact of developmental research at the global, national and state/local levels, for example, by sponsoring briefings or providing brief summaries of key research for policymakers. Keeping membership apprised on policy directions in order to inform science.
  • Science Policy: Inform decision making regarding funding levels for research on child development, how science is conducted (e.g., human subjects and clinical trial regulations), and directions for future research; and ensure that developmental researchers are kept informed of science policy issues that are relevant to their potential research funding and research directions.
  • Leadership Development: Assist with selection and ongoing professional development of SRCD Federal (both Executive Branch and Congressional Branch) and State Policy Fellows; work with the SRCD Student and Early Career Committee; and promote other opportunities to support new leaders at the intersection of research, policy, and practice.
  • Research Translation: Consult with SRCD to enhance training for society members in effective translation of developmental science to inform global, national and state/local policy.

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