Ethnic & Racial Issues Committee


Mission Statement

The Ethnic and Racial Issues Committee strives toward a developmental science that fully and responsibly incorporates the lived experiences of all children and youth across the globe, attends to the racialized power structures that differentially impact children and youths’ livelihoods and well-being, and challenges the historical inequities that these social structures have produced within the field of professionals who conduct developmental science research. The Committee seeks to address ethnic/racial issues within the social context created and maintained by white hegemony.

To carry out this responsibility, the committee’s activities are focused on the following three areas:

  1. Promoting best practices for research pertaining to race/ethnicity in developmental science, including a broad portfolio of culturally informed quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Encouraging the society’s awareness and appreciation of the function and meaning of race/ethnicity across the globe.
  2. Increasing opportunities for scholar-professionals from historically marginalized groups to (a) conduct research, (b) develop professionally, and (c) partake in positions of leadership within and beyond the Society.
  3. Providing guidance and recommendations to the Society and its leadership around research and policy issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the Society’s publications, biennial meetings, and other outlets, and in collaboration with other relevant committees and Caucuses.

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Committee Roster

Mona Abo-Zena, Co-Chair 2023-2027 University of Massachusetts, Boston
Yijie Wang, Co-Chair 2023-2027 Michigan State University
Monica Tsethlikai 2021-2025 Arizona State University
Melissa Delgado 2023-2027 University of Arizona
Melissa Gordon 2023-2027 University of Delaware
Alan Meca 2023-2027 University of Texas at San Antonio
Jaqueline Nguyen 2023-2027 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Esther Calzada, Governing Council Representative, Ex-Officio 2023-2025 University of Texas at Austin
Stephanie Rowley, Governing Council Representative, Ex-Officio 2023-2025 University of Virginia
Melissa Lucas, SECC Representative 2021-2023 Cleveland State University