Interdisciplinary Committee


Mission Statement

The mission of the interdisciplinary committee is to enhance quality, promote visibility, and support capacity building related to interdisciplinary research in the developmental sciences. Through this, we aim to facilitate bold but thoughtful boundary crossings between disciplines to address scientific questions and identify multi-system factors that contribute to innovation and impact on child development. However, the diversity of theory, methods, and language across disciplines often results in a siloing of knowledge that impedes progress toward an integrated understanding of developmental phenomena. Our goal is to help build equitable interdisciplinary bridges that break down these silos, and to inspire as well as foster a culture that rewards the next generation of scientists to address complex human development questions with an interdisciplinary frame.

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Committee Roster

Alan L. Mendelsohn, Co-Chair 2017-2023 New York University School of Medicine & Bellevue Hospital
Bridget Hatfield, Co-Chair 2019-2023 Oregon State University
Cecile Ladouceur 2019-2023 University of Pittsburgh
Mia Smith-Bynum 2019-2023 University of Maryland
Samantha Brown 2021-2025 Colorado State University
Bruce Ellis 2021-2025 University of Utah
Jeffrey Liew 2021-2025 Texas A&M University - College Station
Carol Scheffner Hammer 2021-2025 Columbia University
Nicholas Allen, Governing Council Representative, Ex-Officio 2021-2023 University of Oregon
Meltem Yucel, SECC Representative 2021-2023 University of Virginia
Roman McNeil, Staff Liaison   Society for Research in Child Development

Activities and News


  • Jacobs Foundation
  • Jefress Trust Awards Program in Interdisciplinary Research 
  • 2015-2016 Research Incubator Awards (Duke University)
  • King's Experience Interdisciplinary Award
  • SNI Interdisciplinary Scholar Awards
  • Monroe G. Sirken Award in Interdisciplinary Survey Methods Research
  • Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Science Research (IBSS)
  • Distinguished Awards for Interdisciplinary Sustainability
  • James H. Zumberge Research and Innovation Fund
  • Jeffres Trust Awards Program in Interdisciplinary Research
  • Mizzou Advantage: Faculty Interdisciplinary Development Awards
  • Welcome Trust: The Hub Award
  • University of Oregon: Incubating Interdisciplinary Initiatives


In this page, we include some suggestions of interdisciplinary programs of potential interest for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty. The list of programs is not comprehensive, so you can contact the Committee co-chairs to ask for the consideration of other programs.

Interdisciplinary Special Issues

Interdisciplinary Awardees Presentations and Interviews