International Affairs Committee


Mission Statement

Established in 1990 by the Governing Council, the International Affairs Committee mission is to advocate for an international perspective on child development research and theory within the Society and its work. A central goal of the Committee is to broaden international representation in the membership and publications of the Society. The committee accomplishes its mission by facilitating international collaborations in research, education, and application by holding formal workshops and conferences, as well as informal international exchanges of knowledge about child development.

Read the Mission Statement formulated at a meeting in Greece. Funded by SRCD's research grant program.
Read the International Affairs Committee Spotlight - June 1, 2018

Human Development Intervention Network

The International Affairs committee launched a new global network for human development intervention research, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Using the new global network, a researcher or interventionist is able to create a member profile on the network and then use searchable databases to connect with other individuals conducting similar work and to access resources to use in designing human development interventions and evaluations. We developed and launched an on-line platform ( that:

  1. Connects individuals conducting research and human development interventions in different countries to researchers with related interests;
  2. Indexes measures that can be used in evaluations of interventions and methods that can promote rigorous evaluations; and
  3. Facilitates exchanges of ideas among a network of scholars and action partners who implement interventions to promote human development around the world.
Positive Youth Development in Global Contexts of Social and Economic Change

Publication News


This volume follows from the SRCD special topic meeting held in Prague in fall 2014 on positive youth development in the context of the global recession. Positive youth development in global contexts of social and economic change, Petersen, A. C., Koller, S. H., Motti-Stefanidi, F., & Verma, S. (Eds.). (2017)

For more information, visit the publisher's website.


Committee Roster

Gianluca Esposito, Chair 2017-2021 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore &
University of Trento
Prerna Banati 2017-2021 UNICEF
Jill Korbin 2017-2021 Case Western Reserve University
Qing Zhou 2017-2021 University of California, Berkeley
Charissa Cheah 2019-2023 University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Linda Juang 2019-2023 University of Potsdam
Angelo Brandelli Costa 2019-2023 Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul
Natasha Cabrera, Governing Council Representative 2020-2021 University of Maryland
Gustavo Carlo, Governing Council Representative 2019-2021 University of California, Irvine
Yang Hou, SECC Representative 2019-2021 National Cancer Institute