Membership Committee


Committee Charge

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to evaluate the status of membership in the Society and determine necessary areas for growth and mechanisms to enhance that growth. Additionally, the committee considers benefits offered by sibling societies of similar size, and methods for retaining current membership, such as the provision of member benefits. The committee’s charge includes monitoring the current membership in terms of their diversity in academic rank, levels of training, international representation, discipline, race/ethnicity, and gender. The committee also advises the SRCD Governing Council on issues related to membership including recruitment and maintenance of membership, structure of fees, and the like.

Committee Roster

Kristina McDonald, Chair 2022-2026 University of Alabama
Fantasy Lozada, Co-Chair 2022-2026 Virginia Commonwealth University
Paola Guerrero-Rosada 2022-2026 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Sarah Dow-Fleisner 2022-2026 University of British Canada
Ryui Ding 2022-2026 Sun-Yat Sen University
Kelley O’Carroll 2022-2026 Mount Holyoke College
Sveta Mayer 2022-2026 University College London
Yoko Yamamoto 2022-2026 Brown University
Lisa López, Governing Council Representative 2023-2029 University of South Florida
Eleanor Seaton, Governing Council Representative 2022-2026 Arizona State University
Jalen Moore, Staff Liaison   Society for Research in Child Development