Publications Committee


Mission Statement

The Publications Committee is tasked to review the health of existing publications, including their attention to diversity and inclusion of marginalized groups; evaluate proposals for major modifications in publications and for establishing new publications; and make appropriate recommendations to Governing Council including those concerning new editors as terms of editors expire and new strategies for maintaining the health and status of SRCD's publication enterprise while advancing equity in the field. Given the increasing number of complex publication-related issues that come to the SRCD Publications Committee, individuals with editorial experience and/or extensive publication records are welcome.

Committee Roster

Yow Wei Quin, Co-Chair 2023-2027 Singapore University of Technology and Design
Qing Zhou, Co-Chair 2023-2027 University of California, Berkeley
Yoonsun Choi 2021-2025 University of Chicago
Noni Gaylord-Harden 2021-2025 Texas A&M University
Peipei Setoh 2021-2025 Nanyang Technological University
Gabriela Livas Stein 2021-2025 University of Texas, Austin
Lauren Bader 2023-2027 Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse University
Matthew E. Foster 2023-2027 University of South Florida
Yixun Li 2023-2027 The Education University of Hong Kong
Kristine Marceau 2023-2027 Purdue University, West Lafayette
Florrie Fei-Yin Ng 2023-2027 Chinese University of Hong Kong
Natalia Palacios 2023-2027 University of Virginia
Claudia Kruzik, SECC Representative 2023-2025 Boston College
Ginger A. Moore, Ex Officio 2021-2024 The Pennsylvania State University
Rebecca M.B. White, Ex Officio 2022-2024 Arizona State University
Shauna M. Cooper, Ex Officio 2023-2025 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Lisa Berlin, Ex Officio 2023-2026 University of Maryland
Deborah Rivas Drake, Governing Council Representative 2021-2025 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Christia Spears Brown, Governing Council Representative 2023-2029 University of Kentucky
Saima K. Hedrick, Ex Officio 2021- Society for Research in Child Development
Suzanne Le Menestrel, Ex Officio 2022- Society for Research in Child Development
Melissa Lutchkus, Staff Liaison 2021- Society for Research in Child Development