Publications Committee


Mission Statement

The Publication Committee is tasked to review the health of existing publications, including their attention to diversity and inclusion of marginalized groups; evaluate proposals for major modifications in publications and for establishing new publications; and make appropriate recommendations to Governing Council including those concerning new editors as terms of editors expire and new strategies for maintaining the health and status of SRCD's publication enterprise while advancing equity in the field. Given the increasing number of complex publication-related issues that come to the SRCD Publications Committee, individuals with editorial experience and/or extensive publication records are welcome.

Committee Roster

Martin Ruck, Co-Chair 2019-2023 The City University of New York-The Graduate Center
Dawn Witherspoon, Co-Chair 2019-2023 The Pennsylvania State University
Tina Malti 2019-2023 University of Toronto, Mississauga
Nora Newcombe 2019-2023 Temple University
Tiffany Yip 2019-2023 Fordham University
Yoonsun Choi 2021-2025 University of Chicago
Tilbe Göksun 2021-2025 Koc University
Catherine McBride 2021-2025 The Chinese University of Hong  Kong
Peipei Setoh 2021-2025 Nanyang Technological University
Marcel van Aken 2021-2025 Utrecht University
Nicholas Allen,
Governing Council Representative
2020-2021 University of Oregon
Natasha Cabrera,
Governing Council Representative
2019-2021 University of Maryland
Lorah Dorn,
Governing Council Representative
2019-2021 The Pennsylvania State University
Miao Qian, SECC Representative 2021-2023 Harvard University
Lynn S. Liben, Ex Officio 2017-2023 The Pennsylvania State University
Glenn I. Roisman, Ex Officio 2020-2027 University of Minnesota
Judith G. Smetana, Ex Officio 2017-2023 University of Rochester
Ellen Wartella, Ex Officio 2015-2021 Northwestern University
Saima K. Hedrick, Ex Officio 2021- Society for Research in Child Development