Teaching Committee


Mission Statement

The Teaching Committee supports and enhances quality teaching of developmental science in higher education.

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Committee Roster

Jennifer Zosh, Chair 2019-2023 The Pennsylvania State University
Stephen Chen 2019-2023 Wellesley College
Grace Cho 2019-2023 St. Olaf College
Marisha Humphries 2019-2023 The University of Illinois at Chicago
Gabriela Chavira 2021-2025 California State University, Northridge
Brenna Hassinger-Das 2021-2025 Pace University
Jamie Jirout 2021-2025 University of Virginia
Gigliana Melzi 2021-2025 New  York University
Aya Shigeto 2021-2025 Nova Southeastern University
Sarah DeMartini, Governing Council Representative, Ex-Officio 2021-2023 California State University, Chico
Sabrina Mendez-Escobar, SECC Representative 2021-2023 Truman College, City Colleges of Chicago
Ravenel Davis, Staff Liaison   Society for Research in Child Development