Teaching Committee


Mission Statement

The Teaching Committee is dedicated to empowering SRCD members and developmental science educators in higher education by offering pedagogical support and resources. Our mission is to elevate the quality of teaching and foster more inclusive learning experiences for all students.

We achieve this mission through a range of initiatives, including webinars and a pre-conference Teaching Institute (TI). Our webinars delve into critical pedagogical issues with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The TI is an interactive and collaborative one-day event that precedes the SRCD biennial conference. We organize and run a diverse array of sessions, including poster presentations, workshops, and roundtable discussions. These sessions provide a platform for attendees to engage in a vibrant exchange of ideas, share innovative strategies, and enhance the quality of teaching and learning in developmental science.

Through these efforts, we aspire to nurture a community of educators committed to advancing the field of developmental science while ensuring educational excellence and equity.

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Committee Roster

Aya Shigeto, Chair 2023-2027 Nova Southeastern University
Gabriela Chavira 2021-2025 California State University, Northridge
Brenna Hassinger-Das 2021-2025 Pace University
Jamie Jirout 2021-2025 University of Virginia
Gigliana Melzi 2021-2025 New  York University
Eva Chen 2023-2027 Benedictine College
Soo-Young Hong 2023-2027 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Rebecca Martin 2023-2027 South Dakota State University
Helena Mawdsley 2023-2027 University of Florida
Lucia Alcalá, Governing Council Representative, Ex-Officio 2023-2029 California State University, Fullerton
Ashleigh Aviles, SECC Representative 2023-2025 New York University
Ravenel Davis, Staff Liaison 2022- Society for Research in Child Development

Webinars Hosted by the Teaching Committee