Teaching Committee


Mission Statement

The Teaching Committee supports and enhances quality teaching of developmental science in higher education.

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Committee Roster

Matthew Mulvaney, Chair 2017-2021 Syracuse University
Maria Wong 2017-2021 Stevenson University
Celine Saulnier 2017-2021 Emory University
Virginia Tompkins 2017-2021 The Ohio State University at Lima
Marisha Humphries 2019-2023 The University of Illinois at Chicago
Grace Cho 2019-2023 St. Olaf College
Stephen Chen 2019-2023 Wellesley College
Jennifer Zosh 2019-2023 The Pennsylvania State University
Catherine Tamis-LeMonda,
Governing Council Representative
2019-2021 New York University, Steinhardt
Stacy L. Morris, SECC Representative 2019-2021 Arizona State University