SRCD Early Career Research Contributions Awards

Established in 2002, the SRCD Early Career Research Contributions Awards and are made to a person or persons who distinguish themselves as emerging scientists and scholars, as evidenced through research, publications, and other scholarly activity. Nominees should ordinarily be no more than six years beyond the Ph.D. or equivalent degree.

The awards are presented at SRCD’s Biennial Meeting. A list of previous award recipients can be found below:

Award for Early Career Research Contributions


  • Cecilia S. Cheung
  • Elisabeth Conradt
  • Colleen M. Ganley
  • Katherine McAuliffe
  • Haley A. Vlach
  • David S. Yeager
  • Andrea Danese
  • Anna Johnson
  • Darby Saxbe
  • Jed T. Elison
  • Ming-Te Wang


  • Aprile Benner
  • Andres De Los Reyes
  • Jelena Obradovic
  • Jennifer Pfeifer
  • Felix Warneken


  • Catherine P. Bradshaw
  • Brian M. D'Onofrio
  • Tobias Grossman
  • Candice L. Odgers
  • Laura E. Schulz


  • Carol M. O'Connor 
  • Victoria Talwar
  • Noel A. Card
  • Daniel Ansari


  • Simona Ghetti
  • Sara Jaffee
  • Ariel Knafo
  • Glenn I. Roisman


  • Amanda Rose
  • Ulrich Muller
  • Qi Wang
  • Robert Crosnoe


  • Ariel Kalil
  • John Spencer

Nominations are not being accepted at this time.  Please check back in the summer of 2018 for more details regarding the 2019 Biennial Awards nomination process.