Why Blog? An Introduction from the SRCD President

Help us come up with a clever name!

Welcome. I love getting the SRCD newsletters and emails. But, before I joined the Governing Council, I sometimes wondered WHY SRCD made a particular decision, or I wondered what was happening behind the scenes. SRCD has a “professional” front and I wanted to know more about its personality.

While the lovely SRCD website provides helpful information about our mission, events, awards, and grant opportunities, as well as the myriad ways the organization is working on behalf of developmental science, it is by its nature static. A blog is alive and dynamic. We want the blog to create a warm community and dialogue between SRCD and you—our members.

Opening channels of communication
In addition to being a place for SRCD leadership to share our thoughts about what’s happening in the world and in developmental science, the blog will open a channel of communication that did not exist previously. Before, you might have wondered how to communicate with SRCD. I remember sending an email to SRCD and wondering if a real person would answer. When they did and I discovered that SRCD has warm and professional staff working hard behind the scenes. I discovered just how much the Committees and Governing Council care about the science and how it can improve the lives of children, youth, and families.

I want you to make that discovery as well. Through the blog, you can connect with us, leave comments (if you are logged into the SRCD system), share content, ask questions, follow-up with us, and more. This blog will give a window into SRCD, its work, and its members. Just as I wondered what was happening behind the scenes at SRCD, I wonder what’s on your mind. Tell us you think! What questions do you have?

Help us come up with a name!
Finally, we are launching a NAMING Contest. What should we call the blog? Put on your creative thinking hats and come up with a really exciting name. Click the link below to submit your ideas. We will gather the top 5 and let you, our members, vote on the best one. The winner will receive a free registration to either the Biennial or a Special Topics Meeting. Submit ideas by February 4, 2022.

Submit your idea here

**Please note that you will need to be registered in SRCD's database to comment. If not already a member of SRCD it takes a few minutes to sign up and open an account. If you are already a member, please login using your member credentials.**