New Conceptualizations in the Study of Parenting-At-Risk


A 2014 SRCD Special Topic Meeting

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Child development researchers have been keenly interested in conditions that create risk for parenting quality. Generally, studies have focused on specific risk conditions (e.g., maternal depression, poor parents), such that the literature on parenting at risk lacks integration. This themed meeting will bring together scholars interested in parenting when risk is present, with the aim of moving toward a more integrated, in depth body of knowledge. The meeting will provide opportunities for scholars to work toward an integrated conceptual framework for parenting as a developmental process and to share innovative approaches to the study of parenting risk and resiliency. The meeting will facilitate sharing of ideas, networking among junior and senior researchers, and capacity to work toward goals and products more than the larger conferences do. The invited program will include an interdisciplinary, international group of scholars and the meeting will highlight emerging frameworks and findings and promote better integrated, more nuanced, more inclusive studies of parenting at risk that can guide research, policy and practice. Meeting themes will be individual risk to parenting processes, parenting as adaptation, fathering at risk, and interventions and policy. It will address variability in parenting, parenting across development, and tools and methodological concerns. 

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