SRCD's Future Approach to Policy

Member Feedback and Discussion. Online session on Wednesday, April 26 from 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. EDT.
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About the event:

Join SRCD in this two-webinar series to offer feedback on SRCD’s past, present, and future approaches to policy. This second webinar focuses on collecting your input on SRCD’s future policy approaches and strategies. Attendance at the prior webinar is not required for this one – all SRCD members are welcome. 

Our discussion will be guided by three key questions: 

  • What are the best ways for SRCD to advance evidence-based policy making?  
  • How do we square being proactive on policy areas that matter to us whilst able to respond to live issues with limited resources?  
  • Which policy areas should we prioritize? 

Unlike the first webinar, which focuses on how policymakers consume and utilize scientific information, this webinar primarily focuses on how SRCD can better promote our scientific information. Members who are unable to attend are also welcome to submit questions, comments, and suggestions to  

All members, regardless of their ability to attend, are encouraged to complete this survey about your views of SRCD’s current approach to policy. 

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  • Julia Oertli

Julia Oertli Julia is a London-based facilitator and consultant, working at the intersection between structural change and interpersonal transformation. Over the last decade, she has advised, held, strategized with, learnt, grown and changed alongside organizations working on social policy and systems change in the UK and internationally. Using participatory, embodied, trauma-informed approaches, her work is reflective, playful, practical and focused on creating the conditions for long-term change. As a white person of Swiss heritage, a lot of Julia's work has focused on developing an anti-racist praxis in majority-white spaces. She has worked with clients such as the UK Government’s Social Mobility Commission to design a strategy for a more socially mobile society, with employers looking to improve their diversity, equity and inclusion practices through apprenticeships, with European human rights funding network Ariadne to design systemic interventions for more equitable philanthropic institutions, and as a researcher with the global network Academics Stand Against Poverty. Julia is an anthropologist by training and has an MSc in Social Development Practice from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.


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