Learn through Play and Imagination Panel Chairs


Panel #1 - Adult support for learning through play/imagination

Panel Chair: Jennifer M. Zosh, Penn State University

Panel #2 - Cross-species play

Panel Chair: Angie Johnston, Yale University

Panel #3 - Exploratory/ Sensorimotor play

Panel Chair: Jennifer St. George, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Panel #4 - Games and other rule-based imaginative activities

Panel Chair: Geetha B. Ramani, University of Maryland, College Park

Panel #5 - Movies, television, and other digital media

Panel Chair: Rebekah A. Richert, University of California, Riverside

Panel #6 - Physical play/ Rough-and-tumble play

Panel Chair: Justine Hoch, New York University

Panel #7 - Pretend play

Panel Chair: Angeline Lillard, University of Virginia

Panel #8 - Storybooks and Narratives

Panel Chair: Patricia A. Ganea, University of Toronto