DEVSEC: Conference on the Use of Secondary and Open Source Data in Developmental Science

October 4 - 6, 2018 | Phoenix, Arizona

Organizers: Pamela Davis-Kean, University of Michigan; Justin Jager, Arizona State University; Adriene Beltz, University of Michigan; Colter Mitchell, University of Michigan

Every day, every moment, and in every environment we are collecting data on how individuals develop across the lifespan. There is a wealth of data for understanding development but only a small number of developmental scientists have taken advantage of this data to study human development from cells to the environment. This meeting will provide a venue for scientists to learn and share research using these resources, but also training opportunities on using data archives and open source data that are well-suited for addressing questions of developmental scientists across multiple methods of data collection (survey, video, audio, neuroimaging, genetic testing, and evaluation, administrative), disciplines (psychology, sociology, economics, pediatrics, public health, anthropology, education), and cultures. This conference will highlight research using secondary sources of data but also provide a unique opportunity for the community to address their own developmental questions by being connected to a data resource for answering that question. 

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