2017 SRCD Biennial Awardees

It is a tradition of SRCD that at each of our biennial meetings, several major awards are presented. SRCD is pleased to announce the deserving recipients of the 2017 SRCD Awards! Please join us on Friday, April 7th for the SRCD Awards Ceremony, which immediately follows the Business Meeting commencing at 4PM in Ballroom D on the 4th floor of the Austin Convention Center.

Distinguished Contributions Awards:

The SRCD Senior Awards Committee, chaired by Robert Crosnoe, selected ten SRCD members to receive five of the prestigious awards. At the Friday afternoon session, these ten award recipients will be recognized for their outstanding contributions to developmental science across five award categories. The awards and recipients are as follows:

Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Child Development

  • Renee Baillargeon – University of Illinois
  • Stephen P. Hinshaw - University of California, Berkeley
  • Roberta M. Golinkoff & Kathryn A. Hirsh-Pasek – University of Delaware & Temple University

Distinguished Contributions to Mentoring of Developmental Scientists

  • Cynthia Garcia Coll – Carlos Albizu University

Distinguished Contributions to Public Policy and Practice in Child Development

  • Richard M. Lerner – Tufts University
  • Mary Bruce Webb – Administration for Children & Families, U.S. DHHS

Distinguished Contributions to Understanding International, Cultural and Contextual Diversity in Child Development

  • Robert N. Serpell – University of Zambia, Lusaka

Distinguished Contributions to Interdisciplinary Understanding of Child Development

  • Gary W. Evans – Cornell University
  • Thomas S. Weisner – University of California, Los Angeles

Early Career Research Contributions Award:

Six individuals, selected by the SRCD Junior Award Committee that was also chaired by Robert Crosnoe, will be recipients of the Early Career Research Contributions Award. An honorarium of $1,000 accompanies this award. The following six award recipients have strongly distinguished themselves as researchers and scholars, as evidenced through research, publications, and scholarly activities.

  • Cecilia S. Cheung – University of California, Riverside
  • Elisabeth Conradt - University of Utah
  • Colleen M. Ganley – Florida State University
  • Katherine McAuliffe – Boston College
  • Haley A. Vlach - University of Wisconsin
  • David S. Yeager - University of Texas, Austin

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award:

Recipients of the SRCD Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award were selected by the SRCD Outstanding Dissertation Award Committee, chaired by Elizabeth J. Susman. Selection was based on a set of criteria, including the quality of the dissertation, publications emerging from the project, as well as the nominee’s current position and engagement in the field of child development research. Recipients receive a $500 honorarium.

  • Arya Ansari –University of Texas, Austin
  • Chelsea L. Derlan – Arizona State University
  • Emily Fyfe – Vanderbilt University
  • Julian Jara-Ettinger – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Jessica P. Lougheed – Queen’s University
  • Kristen Tummeltshammer – University of London, Birkbeck