Announcing SRCD Task Force on Publications: Call for Member-at-Large and Early Career Participants


Dear SRCD Members,

Two weeks ago, we announced the establishment of a task force to examine SRCD’s Code of Conduct and invited feedback from members. Thank you to those who posted to SRCD Commons, filled out the survey, and sent e-mails. Your candid feedback is invaluable.

As a result of specific feedback, we are modifying the task force to include:

  • wider representation specifically so it is comprised of individuals distanced from the creation of the original code of conduct; and
  • an investigation into how SRCD can improve our publications climate.

The revised Task Force on Publications will consist of the following:

  • 4 Members-at-Large (including 2 Co-Chairs)
  • 2 Early Career Members
  • 3 Governing Council Members

In accordance with the SRCD Bylaws, task forces must include at least 3 members of Governing Council. To honor our commitment to our Early Career membership, which represents the future of our organization, the SRCD Student and Early Career Council will review submissions and make the final recommendations for the Early Career representatives. The remaining members will be selected by the co-chairs of the Task force.

If you are interested in serving as a Co-Chair, Early Career Member, or Member-at-Large, please complete the following self-nomination form.  

Members of the task force will be announced in early August. While the task force is being formed, we encourage you to continue to share your comments.


Governing Council