Call for Nominations: 2020 Golden Goose COVID-19 Recognition Award

Posted on behalf of the Golden Goose Award

2020 Golden Goose COVID-19 Recognition


Nomination submissions due is May 22, 2020.


For the 2020 award cycle, the Golden Goose Steering Committee has chosen to recognize those individuals or teams whose federally funded research has had a significant and demonstratable impact in responding to COVID-19. They aim to demonstrate the benefits of federally funded scientific research that has contributed to global understanding, breakthroughs in treatment, and innovative and science-based responses to the human and/or economic impact of the virus. This recognition is also intended to demonstrate how scientific and technological advances and innovations that result from foundational scientific research supported by the federal government can quickly emerge to meet national and global challenges. They are therefore seeking GGA nominations highlighting these scientific and technological advances relating to COVID-19 that could not have been predicted at the time of initial study or which were focused on other work and have now pivoted to address the current pandemic. It also seeks to highlight and honor examples of scientific studies or research that may not have seemed relevant to a real world problem or societal challenge or for which the results and application were totally unforeseen, but which have serendipitously led to a major breakthroughs and clear impact in our fight against COVID-19.

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  • The deadline for consideration is May 22, 2020.
  • Organizations or individuals may submit an unlimited number of nominations.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • A prior Award nomination does not exclude a candidate from consideration for this year’s recognition.
  • All nominations will be reviewed for completeness and for meeting the basic nomination criteria and eligibility requirements by the Golden Goose Steering Committee.
  • Outstanding nominations that fully meet nomination criteria and eligibility requirements and that are deemed to best exemplify the purpose of the COVID-19 recognition will undergo review by the Selection Committee, which comprises distinguished scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals across a range of disciplines.
  • Some type of event recognizing awardees and their research/discoveries will be planned, pending CDC guidance on capacity of permitted social gatherings. Those who have been recognized will be invited to attend but attendance will be optional.