Call for Submissions: Developmental Psychobiology Special Section


Fathers, Families, & Physiology:
Exploring the Psychobiological Context of Fathering

This is an open call for submissions for a special issue on “Fathers, Families, & Physiology: Exploring the Psychobiological Context of Fathering” in Developmental Psychobiology. This special issue will be co-edited by Dr. Rachel Barr and Dr. Lee Gettler.

We invite submissions across a range of topics that employ innovative or foundational approaches to understanding the intersections between fathering, child development, family dynamics, and biological function. We are interested in research that explores these questions in human family systems, including in studies from diverse cultural contexts, with longitudinal designs, and with comparative animal models. We are particularly interested in papers that emphasize mechanisms and processes that occur during developmentally plastic periods across the lifespan, including (but not limited to): hormone physiology, neurobiology, genetic regulation and epigenetic modification, immune system functioning, autonomic nervous system regulation, the microbiome, and other physiological indicators of health (e.g. markers of oxidative stress). We welcome research articles, research reviews, and brief reports. Interested authors should submit an abstract (250 words) to the editors that summarizes their proposed manuscript. From these abstracts, articles will be selected for full submission.

Abstracts are due by April 1, 2020; authors will be notified by April 15, 2020 regarding invitations for a full submission (due August 1, 2020). Publication date is expected for 2021. Please submit abstracts to the Developmental Psychobiology editorial office (