Call for Submissions: SRCD 2021 Biennial Meeting

Now accepting proposals for the 2021 Biennial submitted program. Submission deadline extended: October 2, 2020, 8:00pm EDT

SRCD is pleased to announce that the online portal for abstract submissions for the 2021 Biennial meeting is now open.

Submission Deadline Extended: Wednesday, September 2, 2020 Friday, October 2, 2020, 8:00pm EDT

The 2021 Biennial Meeting will continue to highlight cutting-edge research, policy, and practice in child development. It is our aim to develop a program that reflects the multiple interests and professional goals of our scientific community.
Highlights of the 2021 Biennial Meeting include:

  • the broad map of developmental science, practice, and policy with the aim of representing top areas of interest for the entire Society,
  • a diverse program (in terms of topics, populations studied, national/international representation, interdisciplinarity, and speakers’ backgrounds),
  • coordination with caucuses, committees, consortia, and SRCD staff to solicit recommendations for the invited program,
  • improvements based on feedback from past meetings,
  • collaboration with local institutions and individuals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to engage in bidirectional dialogue about child development,
  • continuation of the Town Hall meeting,
  • increased emphasis on scholar-activism,
  • introduction of flash-talk formats, and
  • introduction of “solicited content” submissions to attract proposals on topics of high priority.

See a full list of invited speakers to date.


To Start your Biennial Submission

  1. Log in or create an account on SRCD’s website.
  2. After you’ve updated your demographics, click "Return to User Account."
  3. In the Account Actions menu, select “Access Biennial Meeting Submission Portal,” which can be found under Meeting Information.
  4. Select "Submit or Edit a Proposal” and follow the directions to submit your proposal.

A Note about Uncertainty and the 2021 Biennial

While we are moving forward with preparations for a vibrant in-person meeting, we are simultaneously developing plans for a robust virtual gathering should the need arise to change course.
We understand that you may be hesitant to submit a proposal at this time, due to uncertainty about health conditions, travel, and funding. Even if conditions change and travel becomes more likely, we realize that it will be more challenging for some individuals than others, notably those traveling internationally. Therefore, you will not be asked to commit to delivering your presentation (in person or virtually) until you are notified whether your submission has been accepted.
Every submission will be fully peer-reviewed, and acceptances will be announced in late Fall. Accepted submissions will be posted publicly by SRCD so that authors can include on their vitas, and accepted presentations will be afforded a means for dissemination and engagement with others.
Our sincere hope is that this minimizes additional uncertainty in an already uncertain time.

Ellen Pinderhughes
Program Co-Chair
Tufts University

Nim Tottenham
Program Co-Chair
Columbia University

Ken Dodge
President, SRCD
Duke University