Evidence on the Impacts of Child Separation


The recent U.S. Immigration practice of separating children from their families at the border will be halted, and we at SRCD are relieved at this overdue change in policy. Yet, clear evidence indicates that trauma of separation during the highly stressful circumstances the affected children have experienced can have lasting effects. SRCD stands on the science and urges the immediate reunification of these children and their families, as well as dedicated attention to their ongoing well-being.

The new evidence brief, prepared by expert members of SRCD’s Latino Caucus, describes scientific evidence on the effects of child separation and the implications for public policy. SRCD will be disseminating this brief to members of Congress, to advocacy organizations, and to the public. We encourage you to share the brief widely with your own networks. This powerful synthesis of the evidence provides clear guidance for future administrative policies and practices. We thank the authors of the brief for their diligent work and rapid preparation of these materials.