Ginger Moore, Ph.D. Announced as Interim Editor of Monographs of SRCD


The Society of Research in Child Development (SRCD) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ginger Moore, Ph.D. as the Interim Editor of Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development.  

Dr. Moore received her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh’s joint program in Developmental and Clinical Psychology. She joined the faculty at The Pennsylvania State University where her research studied development of emotion and ways in which early experiences and biology interact within high-risk contexts. She recently retired as Associate Professor Emerita. Prior to teaching at Penn State, she was an Assistant Professor and Faculty Affiliate at Duke University and the University of Chapel-Hill, North Carolina, respectively.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Moore to our team of stellar journal editors,” said Nancy E. Hill, President of SRCD and Charles Bigelow Professor of Education at Harvard University. “Dr. Moore will bring an integration of clinical experience, editorial acumen, and deep developmental science to the journal.” 

Monographs of SRCD are extended works, focused on specialized topics, judged to make significant contributions to SRCD's mission—advancing the developmental sciences and promoting the use of developmental research to improve human lives. As of 2019, each issue of Monographs is accompanied by helpful teaching, scholarship, and outreach resources, published in the companion website, Monograph Matters. Lauren J. Myers, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology at Lafayette College will continue bringing her creative insight to Monograph Matters as Associate Editor.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as Interim Editor of Monographs,” said Dr. Moore. “During this transition, I intend to carry on the creative vision and innovations shaped by my Penn State colleague, Dr. Lynn Liben.”