Happy New Year from SRCD!


Happy 2020!

As President and Executive Director of SRCD, we are excited to communicate on behalf of governance and staff to usher in another year of advancing developmental science and promoting its use to improve human lives. SRCD made exciting new strides in 2019 including:

As we turn to fulfilling our aspirations for 2020 and beyond, SRCD continues to explore ways to grow the engagement and impact of our developmental science community:

  • Registration will be opening soon for the upcoming May and June Special Topic Meetings and Workshops.
  • Planning for the 2021 Biennial Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA is well under way!  Save the date: April 8-10, 2021.
  • Launch of an online forum to facilitate virtual community engagement on topics of shared interest ranging from construct coding manual refinement to teaching and pedagogy to career-track diversity to international collaboration – whatever our members will find useful! Be on the lookout for more information in the coming months.
  • SRCD will be implementing an updated sociocultural policy that will apply to submissions to all of our journals.
  • SRCD is exploring a variety of new avenues for public and policy engagement to improve the way we translate and disseminate the incredible work that our members are doing. We will continue to keep you posted on these fronts.
  • Interested in becoming more involved and helping to frame the agenda for SRCD’s work? Watch for this year's call for nominations for SRCD committees and Governing Council. SRCD aspires to diverse representation from across the globe, across institution-types, disciplines, and career trajectories, and from a range of demographic backgrounds to ensure a truly inclusive set of priorities and initiatives!

There is always much going on at SRCD. We invite you to keep abreast of the Society’s actions and those from the field by regularly monitoring our SRCD "News" postings (also accessible on the top right navigation bar of our homepage) and perusing SRCD's monthly E-Newsletters.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and productive year to come,

Kenneth A. Dodge
Laura L. Namy
Executive Director