Member Spotlight: Stacey N. Doan

Associate Professor of Psychology, Claremont McKenna College; SRCD Asian Caucus; Past SRCD Awards Committee Chair.

What interested you in becoming a developmental scientist?  

I stumbled across the field when I was applying to graduate school. What I find most compelling about developmental science is that at its core, we are interested in change, in trying to characterize human development over the course of time and place, rather than capturing a snapshot of human functioning at a single time point.  

What words of wisdom might you pass on to someone on their very first day after deciding to get a Ph.D. in developmental science or related?   

The only constant is change. In challenging times, know that whatever you are going through will pass. And in joyous times, be in the moment, because that too will pass! 

What is a typical day like for you?  

In general, I would say a typical day involves lots of meetings, writing, analyses, some teaching, and more meetings! For me, a good day, however, is one where I really get to focus on writing. Oh and coffee, there must be coffee. 

What is something you learned in the last month?  

How to compost! Composting reduces the release of methane during organic matter breakdown, and methane is a potent greenhouse gas.  

What does the Asian Caucus mean to you?  

The Asian Caucus has been a wonderful source of community, mentorship, and friendships. It feels amazing to belong to something bigger than yourself.  


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