New Briefs Address Inequities in Education During COVID-19 and How Education Policy and Schools Can Support Marginalized Children and Youth


A new volume of Statement of the Evidence briefs examines the impact of systemic racism and the potential exacerbating effects of COVID-19 on racial-ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ children and youth.

The five 2-page briefs, written by child development experts, including members of SRCD caucuses, draw upon developmental science and recent data to focus on the experiences each community faces. They also provide guidance on evidence-informed educational policies and practices to address the needs of each community. Educational policymakers and leaders can draw upon each community’s strengths and implement these recommendations to address the unique needs of these children.

“As developmental scientists, we know that childhood experiences have a direct influence on later development, and the educational disruptions that marginalized children are experiencing during the pandemic have the potential to impact subsequent educational and occupational attainment,” said Tiffany Yip, editor of the volume and Professor of Psychology at Fordham University.

“While the exact impact of the current pandemic is unknown, our science tells us that prolonged disruptions have the potential to impact lifelong trajectories. This volume can be leveraged to promote children’s optimal development and address the exacerbating effects of COVID-19 among historically and currently marginalized children and families now and into the future.”