October 2021 U.S. Federal Funding Opportunities

U.S. Federal Funding Opportunities (FFO) is a monthly resource that summarizes awards, grants, and fellowship opportunities issued by the U.S. government related to research, evaluation and dissemination. These funding opportunities are relevant to the field of child development and, more broadly, behavioral and social science research.

Highlights -

The October 2021 FFO lists over 100 funding opportunities for research, evaluation, and dissemination, including multiple highlighted funding opportunities.

(1) Award to Study Health Equity in the Context of COVID-19: A U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) funding opportunity to support innovative research that will strengthen and advance COVID-19 health equity research. Applications are due by November 29, 2021.

(2) Grant for Biopsychosocial Research on Social Connectedness and Isolation: A National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding opportunity to support research that seeks to explain or model the underlying mechanisms, processes, and trajectories of social relationships and how these factors affect outcomes in human health, illness, recovery, and overall wellbeing. Applications are due by June 21, 2022.

(3) Grant to Study Suicide Prevention Strategies in Primary Care Settings: A National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) funding opportunity to support primary care practice-based research focused on rigorous evaluations of factors that impact or account for the effectiveness of existing suicide prevention practices and/or pilot clinical trials aimed at optimizing and pilot testing patient-, provider-, or systems-level suicide prevention strategies. Applications are due by June 21, 2022.