SRCD Celebrates Native American Heritage Month


National Native American Heritage Month is observed every November to recognize the significant contributions the first Americans made to the growth of the United States. 

November 25 is Native American Heritage Day. Today, SRCD recognizes two Society members that are Native American and Indigenous scholars in the child development field. Learn about why they chose developmental science, what inspires them, and what advice they would give a developmental science grad student:

Michelle Sarche          Andrea Wiglesworth

Michelle Sarche and Andrea Wiglesworth

Land Acknowledgments: Paying respect to the area you currently inhabit. 

Native Land Digital is an ongoing map resource that highlights Indigenous history, original language, and tribal ties. You can use this resource as a first step in learning more about where you live and who lived on and cared for the land before you.

SRCD is thankful for the work and perspectives of our diverse community of scholars and scientists. We wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday however you choose to celebrate this year.