SRCD Commons: Online Community Launches in Response to COVID-19

Online Community Platform for Developmental Scientists

SRCD announces SRCD Commons, an online community platform to support the developmental science community. Originally scheduled for early summer, SRCD Commons is launching now in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We invite you to participate in a set of vibrant communities:

  • Teaching Tips and Questions where you can exchange information on how to adapt courses for remote instruction and share materials, and
  • Research Continuity where you can swap strategies and generate solutions to keeping your research moving during the pandemic.

SRCD Commons also features Commons Lounge, a general networking community where you are welcome to start conversations on other topics of interest –we will soon be launching other communities of broad interest across disciplines, countries, and career sectors. SRCD Commons is a shared resource that we hope will be a useful tool during and after these uncertain times. At this time, SRCD Commons content is open to all users to read. However, users must have or create an account with SRCD to post messages or download materials.

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Tips to get started with SRCD Commons:

Contact with questions.