SRCD Members in the News: Dr. Angeline Lillard

SRCD member, Dr. Angeline Lillard (University of Virginia) cited in a recent The Guardian article on Montessori education.

Work by SRCD member, Dr. Angeline Lillard (Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia) was cited in a January 19, 2020 The Guardian article, titled "Montessori education could reduce the advantage gap between rich and poor, but it's only available to the rich," 

"....What’s more, Montessori education has been shown to actually break down class barriers in education. A 2017 study found that “Montessori preschool also equalised outcomes among subgroups that typically have unequal outcomes.”

If the research is to be believed, we’ve got an education offering that could actually reduce the advantage gap between rich and poor that is, in effect, only available to the rich. Why?

The sad reality is it appears to be intellectual laziness as much as anything else. Angeline Lillard argues that the conventional “grammar” of education is so allergic to the Montessori approach that it relegates it to the fringes, despite the documented benefits both for individual students and societies."